TPE Soft Vibe

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Silent blade baits have been deadly on fish for many years, but lack any realism to actual baitfish. The TPE Soft Vibe crosses that barrier with life-like feel and looks. Built of super-durable TPE material (strong as rubber, flexible like PVC) the TPE Soft Vibe still gives anglers all the action of their favorite lipless crankbait without all the noise.

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• Designed To Fish The Entire Water Column Quickly And Efficiently
• Fish On A Lift-And-Fall Or Steady Retrieve
• Frantic Swimming Action On The Pause Or Fall

The ultimate in lipless crank baits. This long casting, fasting sinking crankster is made to last. Made out ot TPE soft plastic you can take a beating over rocks, docks, and fish trying to tear it up. Minimal scratches and same action cast after cast. Since it’s soft, the fish will hold on to it longer allowing for more catch.


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2", 2.5"


Chartreuse Tiger, Gold/Black Back, Red Craw, Sexy Shad, Silver/Black Back, Silver/Blue Back, Yellow Perch


1/3 oz, 3/4 oz



5 reviews for TPE Soft Vibe

  1. Louis Eiseman

    Perfect size

    Nice lure, used it for walleyes

  2. Zack Thomas

    Molded soft plastics

    Attractive colors

  3. James Gill, cpl USMC, 1969-1979


    Caught 3.5 pound bass with first use! Awesome

  4. Brandi vasbinder


    Great lure with a nice soft body.

  5. Jerome e Wiiams sr

    the item is cords in description

    I like the texture of this bait thanks again

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