Real Eel Jig


The new Real Eel jig raises the bar for anglers who loved our Real Eel with the increased versatility of its jighead configuration. Lifelike movement and vibration generated by its oversized tail drives predatory fish crazy. Whether targeting lingcod, stripers, cobia or grouper, its durable saltwater-tough PVC body and heavy-duty jig hook make it ideal for tackling anything you encounter.

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• Lifelike Swimming Action Of An Eel
• Durable PVC Body With Heavy-Duty Jig Hook
• Authentic Details And Profile
• Infused With Scent To Ensure Enhanced Feeding Response

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12", 8"


Albino Flash, Black, Black and Gold, Blue Silver, Dirty Silver, Electric shad, Ghost Essence, Ghost herring, Greenie, Key Lime, Olive Brown Pearl, Pink


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