Pulse Tail Mullet LB


Based off the 3D scan of a real mullet. This innovative swimbait looks and swims like the real thing which makes it an excellent tool for anglers hunting big fish in pressured waters. The LB Mullet is an exceptional tool when weedless fishing is required.

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From bass to redfish, Northern pike to speckled trout, many predators rely on some blend of vision and smell to locate prey; but across the board, vibration and water displacement play a significant role in forage location. Savage Gear capitalizes on these predatory instincts with the new family of Pulse Tail soft plastic baits.

Comprising the Pulse Tail Bluegill, Pulse Tail Shiner, Pulse Tail Mullet and Pulse Tail Baitfish, this innovative lineup excels at stimulating a predator’s feeding instinct. The first three baits are designed after particular forage, while the Pulse Tail Baitfish presents a more broadly applicable form that easily resembles a wide range of freshwater and saltwater forage species. For each of these models, the split rear fin design creates a realistic pulse swimming action that mimics the surge of a fleeing forage fish.

Each body style is available in two primary styles: a Loose Body (LB) with a rapid interchange hook system and a Ready to Fish (RTF) version that’s perfectly fitted with a custom heavy duty EWG hook. The RTF models also include foam integrated rattles and lead harnesses. The Pulse Tail Mullet and Pulse Tail Shiner are also available in Line Through (LT) models that allow anglers to add their choice of treble hooks.


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4", 5"


Chartreuse White, Dark Mullet, Golden Mullet, Plum Chartreuse, Silver Mullet, White Mullet


2/3oz, 1 1/3oz