Pulse Tail Ballyhoo Line Thru


The ballyhoo: a baitfish that has earned the allegiance of saltwater anglers across the globe now, by virtue of Savage Gear’s patent-pending Pulsetail design, offers these anglers a lure as potent as the real thing. Equipped with built-in rattle and photoprint detail, the Ballyhoo is guaranteed to get the attention of predatory gamefish. Its line-thru design and heavy-duty hook make sure fish stay pegged during the wildest of acrobatic displays. Scent infused to trigger feeding and aggression.

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• Ultra-Realistic Photoprint Details
• Patent-Pending Pulsetail Design
• Tail Cavity For The Addition Of A Rattle Or Scent
• Line-Thru Hook System Maximizes Ratio Of Fish Hooked To Those Landed
• Built-In Rattle
• Heavy-Duty Treble Hook

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Ballyhoo, Black and Silver, Chartreuse White, Purple and black





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