Prop Walker Hybrid Topwater


Many baits can create different actions, based on retrieve style, but the Savage Gear Prop Walker can literally become two different baits. Need noisy, obnoxious sputtering to search broad areas and find active fish? Check. How ‘bout a smooth walking topwater that’ll coax those hungry fish? Check

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• High- Performance Prop Bait/Pencil Popper Hybrid
• Blades Snap-In and Out to Quickly Change Configuration
• Extremely Durable PVC Blades
• Crisp Walking Action
• Loud and Unique Prop Sound
• Large Rattle Chamber
• Long Casting
• 4X Hooks

Cliff Pace is the 2013 Bassmaster Classic champion and a three-time winner on the Bassmaster Tournament Trail. Here he talks about the new Savage Gear Propwalker


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4", 5 1/4"


American Shad, Black, Bone, Dirty Silver, Fire Tiger, Ghost Minnow, Golden Shiner, White





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  1. Nosibreh 3

    2 in 1 lip ripper

    2 lures in one. This is an awesome lure. I changed the hooks based off of a YouTube video I saw.

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