Panic Pencil Popper


The Panic Pencil Popper’s large rear rattle not only generates a loud rattling sound but acts as a weight-transfer system that ensures extreme long-distance casting even into stiff winds. The Pencil moves with an enticingly erratic action that pulls fish to the surface and provokes them to strike. Its “stepped-hull” design draws air in along the plug’s sides to its underside, generating bubbles that signal a visual cue of feeding activity without increasing lure’s drag and causing angler fatigue. With thru-wire construction, triple split rings and 4X hooks, this plug is built to handle the most brutal saltwater gamefish species.

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• Shockingly Long Casts
• Stepped-Hull Design
• Thru-Wired
• Triple Split Rings
• 4X Hooks


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5 3/4", 6 1/2"


Black, Bone Glow, Chartreuse, Green Mackerel, Peanut Bunker, White Glow


Slow Sinking