Ned Salamander


Bass love to ambush salamanders, found across North America. Whether the bass are simply after a quick meal or are protecting nests from the amphibians that commonly feed on bass eggs, they’re quick to pounce on salamanders. The NED Salamander’s ribbed-body design and appendages assure the bait moves in perfect imitation of a feeding salamander to attract the attention of predatory bass and other gamefish. Our Duratech softplastic material is tuned with salt infusion for perfect buoyancy and sink rate.

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• Hyper-Realistic 3” Salamander Profile
• Custom Duratech Formulation For Lifelike Feel And Durability
• Contoured Ribbed Body Helps Create Turbulence To Attract Attention Underwater
• Salt Infused For Ideal Buoyancy
• Scent Infused To Trigger Feeding And Aggression
• Designed To Be Fished On Savage Ned Heads


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Albino Flash, Black and Blue, Brown and purple laminate, Clear Chartreuse, Clear Pink, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Charteuse, Green Pumpkin purple copper, Mojito, Mudbug, Watermelon Red





1 review for Ned Salamander

  1. Yahir

    Ned Salamander, nada convencional.

    Son muy resistibles y flexibles, tienen un olor fuerte e incluso la sal es visible, por lo que puedes tener en cuenta que van a durar un buen rato en vez de un plastico lobinero convencional. Vienen en un paquete de 5 piecas y miden tres pulgadas, el anzuelo recomendado para este arreglo es el de ned rig, pero también puede ser funcional con un anzuelo para wacky

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