Magnum Shine Glide


Coming from the fish catching lineage of our finely tunned high-performing
glide baits comes the Magnum Shine Glide. It delivers everything you loved
from the Shine Glide, just cranked up a few notches.

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• 3D Scanned Details
• Padded Restricted V-Joint
• Slow Sinking
• Wide Gliding Action
• Big Speed Window
• ST66 X-Strong Trebles

At 9 inches and 4.5 ounces, the Magnum Shine Glide is the ultimate big fish glide bait. The new MSG is 3D scanned body, soft replaceable tail and equipped with a ST66 4X-Strong hook on a double split ring so fish don’t come off. Slow sinking, wide gliding action will entice the biggest predator to follow and crush it. It comes in 8 enticing baitfish colors.

Milles lacs lake is known for big Musky. The 7″ and Magnum Savage Gear shine glide catches them with erratic side to side evasive fish action that not only get to follow but get them to eat!


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Black Crappie, Bluegill, Bone, Carp/Shiner, Ghost Bass, Ghost Bone, Ghost Gill, Ghost Gizzard, Ghost Trout, Gizzard Shad, Hitch, Light Trout, Sexy Baitfish


4 1/2 oz


Slow Sink