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Spoons have long enjoyed a high rank among fishing lures; and for good reason, as their user-friendly design, forage mimicking form and inherently attractive motion offer dependable performance right out of the box. Now, the new Savage Gear Line Thru Baitfish Spoon elevates this endearing lure to an even greater level of functionality by successfully addressing the spoon’s Achilles heel — line twist.

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• No Line Twist
• Extremely Long Casting
• Line Thru Delivers Higher Catch Rate
• 4X Hook With Weedguard
• Superglow, UV, And Holographic Finish
• Vivid Swimming Action

For years, anglers have wrestled with the truth that the feature to which a spoon owes its appeal — its fluttering and spinning nature — is precisely what causes fishing line to twist. It’s a subtle vexation that builds up over the course of your day until one cast unleashes the fury that has been hiding within your spool and you suddenly find yourself with all sorts of mayhem spilling forth from your reel.

A common solution involves adding a swivel between the fishing line and a split ring affixed to the spoon. This arrangement allows the spoon to rotate independently from the line, but adding extra terminal tackle alters the lure’s appearance and adds another potential catching point for sea grass and other debris.

Consider that problem solved, thanks to the Savage Gear’s creation. Simply feed you line/leader into the bait’s nose, run it through the body and bring it out the rear edge where it ties to a 4X strong weedless hook.

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1 3/4", 2", 2 1/2"


Black, Copper, Gold, Green Back, Sexy Baitfish, White


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5 reviews for Line Thru Baitfish Spoon

  1. Melia Clifton

    Sharp hooks

    Casts a mile, no spin, realistic look, great wobble and surprisingly weedless with nice sharp strong hooks

  2. Super Duper

    Sent with missing parts???

    First photo is purple spoon that showed up opened and missing the hook the with weed guard. Second picture is another spoon that showed up intact. I surely don’t feel like taking to time to return this because Olof a missing hook but if a spoon is running $7.50 you expect everything to be there. The shipping package was fully intact so it almost appears this spoon was sent this way. Good hooks will run $2.50 each so now it’s a $10 spoon. Not worth it. I looked for the sellers contact info, after 10 minutes with no luck time to move on.

  3. Five0retired

    Looks are very Catching !

    I got this Savage Gear Line Thru Spoon for my tackle box arsenal in my quest for that elusive snook. The reported anti line twist and super glow UV sounds great. Sounds like it has all the necessary attributes I need to help me in my fishing. I can’t give it a 5-star rating just yet, as Snook season is still a few days away from starting. I will update in the future, with good news I hope!

  4. Dean Family

    Quick-Sinking, Free-Spinning Lure

    got this for the big stripers (bass) we fish for here in Arizona. The fact that this lure is made to spin freely on the line reminded me of a type of lure I used to use in the northwest for salmon and lingcod. That type didn’t even look like a fish. It was a rectangle that spun on the line and that action alone made predatory fish attack. This Savage Gear version has the added advantage of a lifelike baitfish appearance.You get 2 different hooks with your spoon: a single hook with a loop of line protecting the barb to make it “weedless,” and a treble hook for open water. You also get a couple of little colored beads that act as a bumper between the lure and the hook.The weight of this lure makes for long casts, and because the lure is metal, it immediately sinks so you can start reeling it in. In my experience, it works best when you retrieve two or three feet and then allow the lure to sink, causing it to spin.

  5. Marc

    Minor fit and finish issues

    When I first got my spoon I was unable to get 14lb fireline through it smoothly. I ended up determining that there was some paint drip inside the tube the line was going through and that was blocking things up. I used some 18ga steel wire I had laying around to ream it out and now I can tie it on with no problem. I haven’t noticed any jagged edges fraying my line as a result; the wire was a snug fit and seemed to clear things out very well. If this is a major concern for you then look elsewhere.

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