Hybrid Pike


The Savage Gear Hybrid Pike blurs the lines between hard and soft lures. This hard body lure with replaceable soft tails will illicit the most savage strikes from predatory gamefish. The two tail styles give you two different lures in one. The paddle tail makes this bait look like the real thing while the oversized ribbon tail calls fish from great distances.

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• Based On A 3D Scan Of An Actual Baby Pike. The Favorite Snack For Northern Predatory Gamefish.
• Unique Wiring System Allows Hooks To Separate From Body To Prevent The Hooked Fish From Throwing The Lure.
• Wire Is Attached To A Swivel In The Head Of The Bait So Fish Can Freely Twist With The Bait Without Throwing It.
• Ultra Strong Hooks And Splitrings.
• Easy To Replace Tail Sections Twist On And Off The Bait.

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6 3/4", 10"


Black Orange Pike, Blue Silver Pike, Firetiger, Pike


1 1/2 oz, 4 1/2 oz