Hop Poppper Frog

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A frog that walks in place effortlessly or pops through cover. Whether it is grass matts, lilly pads or shady pockets, the Hop Popper is ready to retrieve giants from their cover.

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• Premium Hand Painted Details
• Heavy Duty Wide Gap Frog Hook
• Upward Pointing Hookpoint For Increased Hookup Ratio
• Effortless Walking and Popping Action
• Premium Rubber Skirt

Across the board, most bass anglers agree that nothing beats the pulse-pounding anticipation and eye-popping explosions of frog fishing. From grass mats, to pad fields, to shady pockets; the amphibian impostors often coax the kind of amazingly violent strikes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. Savage Gear helps make this thrilling experience accessible to all with the new Hop Walker and Hop Popper, two highly effective frogs that are big on performance with comfortable pricing.


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2 1/4", 2 3/4"


Black, Black and Yellow, Chartreuse Shad, Gill, Green Leopard, Olive Chartreuse, Tan, White





1 review for Hop Poppper Frog

  1. Sdstang37

    Walks really well.

    Finally got around to using this frog and produced pretty well. Walked real good. 7 blowups and 5 fish. Hung it up a lot too and yanked the hell out of to get it out the vegetation and it’s still fishable. A few times after the fight the frog was mangled. Tore a little. And if you throw it too hard into cover the hooks hang up on frog. Have to keep checking now. But still fishable. So after all it went through that’s pretty good.

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