Fat Vibe


The Fat Vibe lipless crankbait was designed to fish the entire water column drawing strikes from a great distance. The distinct rattling noise and exaggerated belly makes the Fat Vibe deadly on a yo-yo retrieve. The Fat Vibe does not spiral down on the fall like most lipless crankbaits, but rather has a side to side fluttering.

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• Designed To Fish The Entire Water Column Quickly And Efficiently
• Falls Straight And Flutters On The Fall
• Equipped With High Quality Hardware

Super detailed Lipless crankbait, that swims amazing on the fall, vivid movement system, and with a super side flashing and vibrating action on the retrieve. Built in tubular rattle chamber, that sends out a loud and characteristic sound. Long casting makes it the perfect search lure, but also great for vertical fishing along structure, rock piles and edges. Great lure for Perch, Pike, trout, Asp, Bass.

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2", 2.5"


Blue Chrome, Chartreuse Tiger, Ghost Gill, Golden Shiner, Red Craw, Sexy Shad, Yellow Perch


1/2 oz, 3/4 oz