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A crossover between an inflatable kayak and an inflatable boat, the E-Rider takes the best of both worlds to create a versatile option. The E-Rider’s narrow profile helps it zip through water, reaching higher speeds than other boats even with less horsepower. E-Riders are light, and run great with an inexpensive electric motor, or small gas motor. Its streamlined design also allows it to be paddled with a regular kayak paddle, allowing you to get into tighter, shallower spots that other boats could not dream of reaching.



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  • 0.9 mm armored PVC sheet main frame
  • 8 cm armored PVC drop stitch floor
  • Protech Air valves x3
  • Light weight 3 section double paddle 8 1/2ft
  • Aluminum cross bar seats
  • Slide on fin for improved tracking
  • Stern engine mount
  • One-way water valve in stern
  • Foot pump included
  • Repair Pro Kit included
  • Packing strap included
  • Recommend PSI pressure: tube 3.6 psi, floor 10 psi
  • 10’9” length, 43 inch width, 11.8 inch height

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  1. Jeffrey B Jones

    Great tube—missing one item in the package.

    The float tube looks very sturdy. My only complaint is that the scale net and logo were not included in the package—even though they were checked off on the packing slip.

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