E-Rider Kayak


A crossover between an inflatable kayak and an inflatable boat, the E-Rider takes the best of both worlds to create a versatile option. The E-Rider’s narrow profile helps it zip through water, reaching higher speeds than other boats even with less horsepower. E-Riders are light, and run great with an inexpensive electric motor, or small gas motor. Its streamlined design also allows it to be paddled with a regular kayak paddle, allowing you to get into tighter, shallower spots that other boats could not dream of reaching.



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  • 0.9 mm armored PVC sheet main frame
  • 8 cm armored PVC drop stitch floor
  • Protech Air valves x3
  • Light weight 3 section double paddle 8 1/2ft
  • Aluminum cross bar seats
  • Slide on fin for improved tracking
  • Stern engine mount
  • One-way water valve in stern
  • Foot pump included
  • Repair Pro Kit included
  • Packing strap included
  • Recommend PSI pressure: tube 3.6 psi, floor 10 psi
  • 10’9” length, 43 inch width, 11.8 inch height

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