DC Slide Gill


A crisp walking hollow belly bluegill designed with dual
nchambers to minimize water intrusion in the lure. This results
nin more time fishing and making every cast count.


• Dual Cavity Construction Minimizes Water Intrusion
• Heavy Duty Wide Gap Frog Hook
• Upward Pointing Hookpoint For Increased Hookup Ratio
• Effortless Walking Action
• Photoprint (PHP) Detail
• Fiber Flare Tail

Introducing the Savage Gear DC Slide Gill. The soft body hyper-realistic weedless topwater lure walks the dogs like no other. This lure imitates a struggling baitfish which is irresistible to hungry bass. The DC stands for “dual chamber.” Savage gear’s unique DC design allows for more fishing time and less squeezing the water out time on both our DC Slide Gill and our DC frog. The more time the lures in the water instead of your hands will result in more fish being caught and less frustration.

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Black Gill, Bluegill, Ghost Gill, Light Gill, Vivid Gill, White Gill


2 5/8"