3D Wake Snake

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Based on a scan of a real snake. The perfect baby snake imitation with a realistic swimming topwater action. It swims with a wide S action either on the surface or just below, depending on the selected tie point.

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• 3D Scanned Details
• Super Realistic Action
• Surface Or Sub-Surface Action, Two Line Tie Points
• Unique Cable Joints
• Spinning Rear Treble
• 8” 2X #4 Trebles
• 12” 2X #1 Trebles


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8", 12"


Black Snake, Brown Chrome, Green Snake, Rattle Snake


1oz, 2oz



19 reviews for 3D Wake Snake

  1. Blue

    Great swimming snake. Makes huge wake!

    Got the 8” and very happy with it. Swims really good and with the 2 different tie options you can make it walk and shake hard or have a more subtle presentation and give it little twitches and jerks. It will also dive for a short period of time if you learn how and slowly floats back up it’s really cool. Bass love these it’s a good buy. We’ll see how long it holds up.

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  2. Chucky De Luna


    Moves really good, played around with it a bit and amazed at how real it looks

  3. Elyas

    Ok 👍


  4. Gary Herzog

    works great on bass

    great product, would buy again

  5. Rachel Bonner

    Awesome & so real looking

    My 7 year old was so excited when this thing came in! He said it was exactly what he wanted! He’s an avid fisherman!

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