3D Shrimp RTF


Designed with ultra-realistic body contours, colors and movement, the 3D RTF Shrimp is an exceptional bait for anglers looking for the ultimate shrimp presentation in an exposed-hook configuration whether fishing from a pier or in a pass, fishing it tied directly to your main line or under a popping cork. Its innovative design allows it to be worked fast or slow while delivering lifelike micromovements of its appendages. Its custom Duratech soft-plastic body allows the 3D RTF shrimp to be durable all day and, packed with infused scent makes sure when fish bite, they don’t let go.

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• Ultra-Realistic Details In Body And Appendages
• Duratech Ensures Superb Durability
• Lifelike Leg And Whisker Micromovement
• Built-In Rattle
• Heavy-Duty Hook Jig Hook
• Scent Infused To Trigger Feeding With Aggressive Strikes

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3 1/2", 5"


Avacado, Ghost, Glow, Gold, Grass, New Penny, Pink, Plum Chartreuse