3D Line Thru Trout 10″ & 12″



• Based On 3D Scan Of Real Trout With Fin And Facial Details That Excel In Clear Water Applications.
• Lure Slides Up The Line When The Fish Is Hooked For A Higher Hook To Land Ratio.
• Available In Floating, Slow Sink, And Sinking Models.
• Tapered Tail Delivers Micro-Movements On At Slow Speeds.
• Nylon Mesh Throughout The Joint Sections Makes It Incredibly Durable

One of the best fishing technique to keep the fish on is the line-thru system. The lures being away from the hook allows you to fight the fish, not the lure. It also prohibits the fish from using the weight of the lure as leverage to get unhooked.

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10", 12"


Dark Trout, Dirty Silver, Hitch, Light Trout


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Sinking, Slow Sink