3D Line Thru Gizzard

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Shad are large baitfish targeted by a multitude of gamefish. The Savage Gear Gizzard Shad features an all new swinging treble hook harness that let anglers choose if they want the hook buried in the bait or swinging freely under the bait to make it extremely versatile.

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• Based On A 3D Scan Of An Actual Baitfish.
• Available With Either A Top Or Bottom Hook Configuration.
• Features Hanging Treble Hook Harness Option.
• Nylon Mesh Throughout The Joint Sections Increase Durability.

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7", 10"


Gizzard, Golden Shiner, Hitch


2 3/4 oz, 6 3/4 oz


Slow Sink

6 reviews for 3D Line Thru Gizzard

  1. Erica R.

    Five Stars


  2. Clark H.

    Another True Winner from Savage Gear !

    Savage Gear Does It Again . These Are an Outstanding Choice if you are Serious in Catching The Big Fish that are in the Waters you Fish . Have Caught Some of my Bigger Fish on These .

  3. *Audio Addict*

    This lure catches mondos

    Truly an amazing swim bait it seemed big at first but I caught a 2 pound large mouth at first then two huge larges next I highly recommend this swim bait

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  4. Dsilva

    Great product.

    Great swim action works great.

  5. Haley CurfmAn


    worked very well

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