3D Goby


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• Perfectly Mimics Goby And Sculpin Species
• Fits Tube Style Jigs Head From 1/8 To 3/4 Oz
• Side Fins Enhance Gliding Action On The Fall To Trigger Strikes
• Extra Wall Thickness On The Head Increases Overall Durability

Smallmouth bass time of year is here. This is the 3D goby tube. Perfectly mimics goby and sculpin species. Side fins enhance the gliding action on the fall to trigger the bite. Extra wall thickness on the head increases overall durability.

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3 1/2", 4"


Brown Pumpkin Copper/Purple Flake, Crawfish, Emerald, Goby, Green Pumpkin Black Flake, Light Pumpkin Black/Purple/Silver Flake, Light Pumpkin Candy, Mike's Magic, Pumpkin Green/Purple Belly, Smoke Purple/Black Flake, Watermelon Copper/Purple/Black Flake, Watermelon Red/Black Flake