3D Bluegill RTF


Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the new 3D Bluegill Version 2 offers improved details and a photoprint finish making it indistinguishable from the real thing. Its four-part segmented body provides the new 3D Bluegill with a lifelike action at all retrieve speeds, whether fast or slow. Equipped with a heavy-duty jig hook and internal rattle, this bluegill has everything it needs to do battle with the biggest and wisest fish in the lake or river.

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• Ultra-Realistic Photoprint Details
• Lifelike Swimming Action
• Built-In Rattle
• Heavy-Duty Jig Hook
• Scent Infused

“The bass ate my bluegill” is a familiar scream when a kid catches blue gill from shore. Now we have a perfect imitation. The 3D scan of a real bluegill has the look and action of the real thing.

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Black Gill, Bluegill, Ghost Gill, Light Gill, Vivid Gill, White Gill