3D Bluegill RTF

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Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the new 3D Bluegill Version 2 offers improved details and a photoprint finish making it indistinguishable from the real thing. Its four-part segmented body provides the new 3D Bluegill with a lifelike action at all retrieve speeds, whether fast or slow. Equipped with a heavy-duty jig hook and internal rattle, this bluegill has everything it needs to do battle with the biggest and wisest fish in the lake or river.

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• Ultra-Realistic Photoprint Details
• Lifelike Swimming Action
• Built-In Rattle
• Heavy-Duty Jig Hook
• Scent Infused

“The bass ate my bluegill” is a familiar scream when a kid catches blue gill from shore. Now we have a perfect imitation. The 3D scan of a real bluegill has the look and action of the real thing.


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Black Gill, Bluegill, Bream, Chartreuse Gill, Crappie, Ghost Gill, Gold Gill, Light Gill, Pink Gill, Pumpkinseed, Tilapia, Vivid Gill, White Gill




8 reviews for 3D Bluegill RTF

  1. toby

    I’m sure it was a rare experience.

    Lure came with a broken tip on hook

  2. clone45

    Great action

    I’ve only fished with this lure once so far, but it looks exactly like a fish in the water. Very high quality.

  3. dan titus

    Great looking but swims keeled to one side

    Great looking and realistic with durable yet soft plastic. Only issue i have is that it swims keeled to the right on a medium or fast retrieve. Slow creeping on bottom is good or fishing like a jig hopping bottom. I guess the loose body option would be better for faster retrieves, I’m gonna try that one next

  4. Joseph B.



  5. Jacob

    Really good

    Great quality. Just as good as top brands! Swims great too

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